High school a school located in the State of New Jersey have put in scene, with the help of their drama teacher, a theatrical version of the masterpiece of Ridley Scott. The result ? Absolutely stunning ! It is little to say that we weren’t expecting, or rather had never imagined, a universe such as that of Alien on the boards of a theatre. And yet. High school a school located in the State of New Jersey just give us a sacred lesson. With the help of their drama teacher, a big fan in front of the lord of the masterpiece of Ridley Scott, they have mounted a piece of theatre based on the film Alien, which they played between 19 and 22 march. The sets are impressive, including the Space Jockey. Everything is there, even the sequence worship the Facehugger, that a parent was able to film. Here it is, below… A parent filmed the facehugger scene. pic.twitter.com/oamxaxikM2 — Paul Owens (@oh_pollo) march 23, 2019, And below, is the sequence where the creature Alien reveals himself and seeks Ripley… I love that north bergen high school did alien last night as their school play, so I’m gonna keep tweeting about how great it is..everything was made from recycled materials .. so nuts amazing I’m so proud of my hometown pic.twitter.com/EEMEbankDz — Andrew Fernandez (@bhsdrew) march 23, 2019, The students have much more merit that the elements of sets, as well as the costumes, have been designed with recycled materials and recovered by them, without the school finance anything, including the costume of the creature, filmed here in the corridors of the school : pic.twitter.com/EKOTAkkT6R — Danijela Belovarac (@Fueledbyjelaa) march 23, 2019 A creativity and inventiveness really impressive, and has even been hailed by the official Twitter account of the licence Alien, very busy with the identified upcoming Blu-ray 4k the movie of Ridley Scott, to celebrate his 40th birthday. “We are very impressed ! 40 years old, and as strong as ever !” We are impressed! 40 years and still going strong… https://t.co/NJGJIZj2oq — Alien (@AlienAnthology) march 23, 2019

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